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Propagating Jicama

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  • Preferred method of propagation is by seed:
    • Indoors:
      • sow seeds 8-10 weeks before last frost
      • plant outside after last frost, when the soil has warmed to 50 degrees F
    • Outdoors:
      • sow seeds in late spring, after last frost
      • seeds should be sown 1/2"-3/4" deep (although one source said to plant them 2" deep) and 1" apart
      • thin to final spacing (see Planting Out)

Planting Out

  • plant out after all danger of frost has passed, and the soil has warmed up
  • each vine needs ample room and full sun
  • spacing:
    • plants: 6"-8" apart
    • rows: 14"-24" apart

Routine Cultivation/Maintenance

  • apply high-nitrogen fertilizer monthly
  • flowers should be pinched off for maximum root production
  • Support with trellis or allow it to trail from a mound


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