Close up of leafhopper damage on potato leaf

Leafhoppers seem to be the bain of my existence…well, not really – but they sure complicate my veggie gardening. They would only be mildly annoying, if it weren’t for the diseases they spread. Physical Description very small insects, ranging from 1/12 – 1/8 inches long (2-3 mm). They are wedge-shaped, with narrow bodies that are […]

Leaf Blight

Various fungi cause leaf blight. Plants affected: corn dill, parsley and other herbs symptoms: dark spots with yellow borders on leaves; leaves may turn yellow or drop off as the disease progresses control: spray foliage with fish emulsion or with sulfur to prevent the spread of mild infections (OGHB) fig lawns onion strawberries  

Indian Dill (Anethum sowa)

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Maturity: ? Size: smaller than common dill Yield: ? Taste: slightly more bitter than the common strain Disease Resistance: ? Notes: seeds used in Indian curries leaves used in rice and soups Sources: (where to buy) Sandy Mush Herb Nursery Results from My Garden: have not tried this variety yet