Silverskin Garlic

Silverskin Garlic Details Type: softneck garlic (Sativum subspecies) Shape: Bulb: tallish to elliptical globes Color: Cloves: white or pink blushed; hard to peel Leaves: often pale green, sometimes average green; generally very upright, sometimes droop at ends Bulbils: rare, but on topsets when they may appear from stress or cold winters Maturity: late (after all others) […]

Elephant Garlic

Details Allium ampeloprasum Type: Neither hardneck nor softneck; it’s a type of leek Shape: ? Color: ? Maturity: ? Produces solid seed stalk which doesn’t always curl –  Flower stalk should be cut off Very large flower cluster, but rarely opens fully and aren’t very fertile, thus propagation is primarily via clove Corms: very tough […]

Artichoke Garlic

Details Type: softneck garlic Shape: Bulb: flat to thick-flat or flat globe Cloves: plump, squarish Color: Bulb skin: off-white to dirty white or yellow-white; sometimes light purple blush; coarse to very coarse texture Cloves: milky-white Maturity: Maturity: early to medium early Size: Bulb: 2.25 to 3 inches Yield: Cloves: 12-18, up to 24 per bulb; hard […]

Music Garlic

Music Garlic

Details on Growing Music Garlic Type: hardneck porcelain (continental garlic) Color:  shiny white sheath pink-tinged clove skins Maturity: ? Size: 2″ and larger diameter bulbs 4-6 very large cloves per bulb Yield:  Taste: great classic garlic flavor slightly spicy incredibly flavorful Disease or Environmental Tolerance: “Disease resistant” per Peaceful Valley Farm  susceptible to Stem & […]

Continental Garlic

Details Continental Garlic is more of a general grouping of varieties, than a distinct variety, itself. Music is a garlic variety that is part of this group. Type: hardneck garlic Shape: Bulb: highly symmetrical; globe shaped; Color: Bulb skins: porcelain or purple-streaked; fine to slightly coarse textured Cloves often streaked heavily with dull but striking purple; […]

Rocambole Garlic

Details Type: ophioscorodon, or hardneck, garlic Color: Leaf: deep green or blue-green; moderately spreading and fan shaped Bulb skin: off-white with varying amounts of streaks in degrees of light to moderate purple; kind of coarse textured Maturity: midseason (ie, after artichoke garlic) Size: Bulb: fairly symmetrical, flat globe shaped, some irregularity; 2 to 2 3/4 inches Cloves: […]

How to Grow Garlic

Garlic is very easy to grow – and since it grows through the winter, they require little additional water, where I live in northern California. Botanical Information Taxonomy Allium sativum Allium sativum ophioscorodon = hard neck garlic Allium sativum sativum = soft neck garlic Allium ampeloprasum = elephant ‘garlic’ (actually a leek), also called Gigantum part of the […]