Fernleaf Dill

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Maturity: early Size: compact, space-saving plant; 18″ tall Yield: ? Taste: ? Disease/Problem Resistance: slow to bolt Notes: AAS Winner Patented by Plant Variety Protection especially suited to containers Sources: (where to buy) Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Results from My Garden: have not tried this variety yet

Dukat Dill

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Maturity: ? Size: ? Yield: ? Taste:¬†flavor is mellow and aromatic; never bitter Disease/Problem Resistance: slow to bolt (A-Z) Notes: bred for higher essential oil content best for its fresh leaves originally from Finland excellent with shrimp, fish, and cucumbers Sources: (where to buy) widely available Results from My Garden: love this […]

Bouquet Dill

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Maturity: ? Size: compact plant with larger seed heads and larger leaves than the common strain Yield: larger seed heads lend itself to higher yield than most dills for seed Taste: ? Disease Resistance: ? Notes: Recommended by Tanya Denckla, who says it’s best grown for dill seeds for pickles and potato […]

Aroma Dill

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Type: ? Shape: ? Color: ? Maturity: ? Size: ? Yield: large yields Taste: excellent aroma Disease Resistance: ? Notes: recommended variety by Tanya Denckla for its large yields and excellent aroma Sources: (where to buy) Sandy Mush Herb Nursery Results from My Garden: Have not tried this variety myself…

How to Grow Dill

Dill is a beautiful, airy plant that grows in an upright fashion. It’s easy to grow and the green foliage has a bit of a blue cast to it, adding an interesting texture, besides. Everyone knows it’s great for cooking and preserving, but it also attracts many beneficial insects, helping with pollination and controlling insect […]