Organic Matter

Organic matter is the result of decomposition. Composted materials are organic matter. Humus is the stable endpoint of decomposition for organic material. Not a lot is known about humus, chemically. It is incredibly variable, so it’s hard to analyze. Basically it is the remaining resistant bits leftover after all of the easier to rot stuff […]

Soil Structure & Composition

Soil Composition Living Matter Mostly in the top 4″ of the soil. Good guys & bad guys…but large volume & diversity control the trouble makers by making it a competitive environment for resources. 1 teaspoon of soil contains: 1 billion bacteria several yards of fungal hyphae several thousand protozoa few dozen nematodes Bacteria attracted by […]

Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is a species of beneficial nematode sold commercially by the name “NemaSeek Hb”. These nematodes seek out plant root pests and larvae of insect pests. These beneficial organisms parasitize the larva or pupa of the pest while it’s in the soil, and sometimes above ground nymph or adult insects. How to Use Find usage […]

Beneficial Nematodes

Benefits eat various plant predators, such as: Army worms borers cucumber beetles cutworms gypsy moths Japanese beetles (white grubs) root maggots root weevils wireworms see specific species for their target prey beneficial nematodes are totally safe to use: they are not harmful to humans, pets, plants, birds, earthworms, honeybees, or beneficial insects the way they […]

Compost Tea Brewing

I’ve been reading a lot about garden ecology these last few months. Garden ecology focuses on the biology of each zone of the garden: deep soil zone, root zone, rhizosphere, leaf zone, outer environment. The healthier each of these zones are, the better your plant grows. What I’ve come to learn is that healthy soil […]

Diffusion of Soil Solution

movement of elemental ions into proximity of plant roots for absorption ions move from within soil solution from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration by diffusion as ions are absorbed, the concentration gradient causes ions to diffuse movement by diffusion is measured in millimeters doesn’t require much soil moisture, unlike […]

Mass Flow of Soil Solution

movement of soil solution through soil brings elements into proximity of plant roots for uptake elemental ions can be carried considerable distances by mass flow mass flow moves in 3 directions: down, up (by evaporation), and laterally (to a small degree) by an advancing water front low moisture content impedes mass flow Calcium ions (Ca2+) […]