How to Grow Cucumbers

[stub] Botanical Information Taxonomy History Physical Description Varieties & Cultivars Categories or Types of Cucumbers Colors Available Varieties (link to ../category/cultivars/tag/Cucumbers) Growth Requirements Climate & Temperature Requirements Air Temperature Soil Temperature Humidity Day Length or Light Requirements Site Conditions Favored Soil Requirements Soil Texture pH Nutrient Requirements Propagation Methods of propagation Seed Division Cuttings Transplanting […]

Foot & Root Rot

Also known as Basal Rot Physical Description   Species & Taxonomy Kingdom: Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Genus Species: Fusarium spp. Plants Affected Tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons are frequently affected soft-stemmed plants, especially seedlings and cuttings, are commonly affected, but most annual, biennial, and herbaceous perennial plants may show symptoms Signs & Symptoms Whole Plant deterioration of […]


Symphylans are very small, white, many segmented organisms that you may see in your soil when you pull up a struggling plant. You will notice them darting and scurrying quickly about the root ball or seedling plug. They are also known as symphlans, or “symphys”, pseudocentipedes, or garden centipedes, even though they are not centipedes. They are […]

Cucumber Puree for Freezing

Cucumbers coming out your ears? Can’t even think of another batch of pickles or relish? How about overgrown cucumbers? I just returned from vacation to find 8 pounds of overgrown cucumbers, so I found myself wondering what I could make that would make the thicker skin and large seeds not a problem. The only thing […]

Cucumber Beetles

Also referred to as: Spotted Cucumber Beetles, Striped cucumber beetles, western striped cucumber beetle, southern corn rootworm, Western corn rootworm beetles Acalymma spp., Diabrotica undecimpunctata Physical Description: Light green to yellow little beetles with stripes or spots (very much like a ladybug, but with yellow-green instead of red background). Striped cucumber beetles can overwinter in […]