Figs – Harvesting & Storing

Harvesting & Storage of Figs Edible Parts of the Plant Just the figs, as far as I know… Yield Harvest Timing figs are usually ready to pick in late summer according to “Backyard Harvest”, figs don’t ripen any more once they’re picked; however, Fine Cooking’s “In Season” states that underripe figs can be “coaxed” to […]

How to Prune a Fig Tree

Growing tip of a fig tree

Time of Pruning figs are pruned every year in early spring, after any danger of prolonged frost has passed. In cool climates, summer pruning is also necessary. see “Cool Climates: Summer Pruining”, below. Warm Climates: Shape Options: informal bush Young Trees (2-3 years old): start with a fig that has 3 or 4 well-spaced laterals […]

Roasted Figs – Two Ways

Savory roasted figs are an excellent accompaniment to roasted meats; the sweet roasted figs can be served for dessert with either a soft cheese, like ricotta, or ice cream…or put them on a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette…or serve with crackers & cheese…or crusty bread with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar dipping sauce…apparently […]

Leaf Blight

Various fungi cause leaf blight. Plants affected: corn dill, parsley and other herbs symptoms: dark spots with yellow borders on leaves; leaves may turn yellow or drop off as the disease progresses control: spray foliage with fish emulsion or with sulfur to prevent the spread of mild infections (OGHB) fig lawns onion strawberries