Figs – Harvesting & Storing

Harvesting & Storage of Figs

Edible Parts of the Plant

Just the figs, as far as I know…


Harvest Timing

  • figs are usually ready to pick in late summer
  • according to “Backyard Harvest”, figs don’t ripen any more once they’re picked; however, Fine Cooking’s “In Season” states that underripe figs can be “coaxed” to ripen if left on the counter for a day or two
  • they are ripe when they are hanging down from the tree (before they are ripe, they point upward)
  • they should feel soft
  • sap appearing at the base of the fruit is one source’s indication of ripeness
  • overripe figs appear slumped, and often are resting on flattened sides – overripe figs have sometimes soured

Harvest Methods

  • pick the fig carefully, trying not to bruise it

Storage of harvest


  • figs keep fresh for about a week, if stored in a cool place (refrigerate)
  • store in a single layer, rather than in a basket or bowl


  • whole figs can be cooked in a light sugar syrup for just a couple of minutes – you don’t even need to cut the stems off, then can in a waterbath


  • freeze figs in peak condition by trimming stems and halve or slice; spread on a tray to freeze then package in airtight container




Nutritional Benefits & Values




  • the tender skin of figs doesn’t need to be peeled, unless there are rough or damaged patches, although slightly underripe figs have a thicker, white skin that could probably be peeled
  • rinse away any dust that has gathered

Cooking Methods

  • in general, figs can be eaten fresh, or split and stuffed with a salty cheese
  • add them to salads
  • use as a side dish with meat that carries a pan sauce
  • bake them into bread or sweets
  • roast with butter & sugar
  • try in ice cream

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