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The Wild World Within

Great article on the effect of diet on the health of your microbiome – bacteria, yeasts, and fungi that inhabit your gut. Your microbiome is potentially the cornerstone for health issues from weight, to mood, to allergies, and of course heart-health. Author: Gretel H. Schueller Article: The Wild World Within Magazine: Eating Well Issue: July / […]

Bountiful Gardens

Bountiful Gardens, a company created by Ecology Action, is devoted to sustainable growing. They help small farmers and individuals grow the best quality produce, as well as crops for compost, income generation, and household needs. Their information is based on many decades of test gardens from around the world. They are devoted to their cause.  Seeds, […]

The Rodale Book of Composting: Easy Methods for Every Gardener

The Rodale’s wrote the book on organic gardening. They also happen to publish the magazine, “Organic Gardening”. This is an in-depth resource on Composting. They go over the many different methods and plans for building them, along with their advantages and disadvantages. This book also does a good job with explaining the science behind composting. […]

The Kitchen Garden Cookbook

This is the companion book to one of my favorite gardening books, The Kitchen Garden. Sylvia Thompson has pulled together great recipes to bring out the flavor and true qualities of fresh-grown vegetables. It’s very rewarding to bring in vegetables from the garden and whip out this book to create a homemade, home grown feast. […]