How to Grow Chard

Easy to grow & drought tolerant Botanical Information Taxonomy Beta vulgaris History Physical Description taprooted Varieties & Cultivars Categories or Types of Chard Colors Available Red yellow pink purple white orange Varieties to Grow Growth Requirements Climate & Temperature Requirements Air Temperature Soil Temperature Humidity Day Length or Light Requirements Site Conditions Favored Soil Requirements […]

Pentland Brig Kale

Details Open-Pollinated Type: curled edged leaves Shape: ? Color: ? Maturity: 8-9 weeks (50-60 days) Size: 2′ plants Yield: 76-153 lbs per 100 sq ft Taste: “delicate, sweeter and more succulent” “tender and succulent leaves” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: very winter hardy tolerates hot weather more than most kale Notes: produces excellent kale raab […]

Portuguese Kale (Tronchuda Cabbage)

Details Brassica oleracea acephala Open-pollinated heirloom  Type: ? Shape: ? Color: ? Maturity: 50-60 Size: ? Yield: ? Taste: “very juicy, sweet, and tender” “succulent texture is outstanding in soups and pastas” “a necessary ingredient in Portuguese kale and sausage soup” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: tolerates winter cold stands heat better than other kales […]

How to Grow Kale

Since this is one of the few greens that I actually like when cooked, I decided to try growing it this year. Botanical Information Taxonomy Brassica oleracea acephala History until the Middle Ages, kale was one of the most common green vegetables eaten in Europe wikipedia considered to be the most primitive members of the […]

Thousand-Headed Kale

Details Brassica oleracea acephala Ancient heirloom kale Open-Pollinated Type: multi-plant, plain leaf variety Color: blue-grey-green leaves Maturity: 50-60 days Size: “huge plant” medium-height variety; will reach up to 5′ Yield: huge plant, with many individual growing points; puts out lots of food Taste: ? Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: particularly cold-hardy tolerates poor soil conditions rarely […]

How to Grow Bok Choy

Bok Choy, a Chinese cabbage, matures quickly – within a month of sowing, you can usually start harvesting leaves – but it also handles heat better than other leafy green crops. Also spelled Pak Choi. Botanical Information Taxonomy Brassica rapa chinensis A smaller Chinese cabbage with looser, dark green leaves Close relative to tatsoi, member […]

Baby Bok Choy

Details Brassica rapa chinensis Open-Pollinated Type: ? Shape: ? Color: green leaves with white stalk Maturity: 40 days Size: smaller head of bok choy Taste: “mild mustard flavor”, “juicy, crisp texture” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: cold-hardy Notes: Sources: Bountiful Gardens Results from My Garden:  SEASON SOURCE DATES PLANTS SPACING MATURITY YIELD PER PLANT AVG […]