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About ThePlantLady is a library of gardening information compiled from many resources, including written texts, online databases, current research, and first-hand experience from farmers and gardeners. It includes growing requirements specific to each plant, as well as varietal information. My background in microbiology and chemistry allows me to tap into the scientific research being done today and digest it for the use of the home gardener or small farmer.

How to Grow Sugarcane

Sugarcane is best grown in zones 8-12, with temperatures 70-95 degrees F for an extended period of time, and can withstand some light frosts. Botanical Information Taxonomy Saccharum officinarum History Physical Description fast-growing 3-5m tall perennial looks like a grass Varieties & Cultivars Categories or Types of Sugarcane Colors Available Varieties Growth Requirements Climate & […]

Wheat Curl Mite

Very tiny mites that degrade the quality and storage time for garlic and onions, while also resulting in poor health of the growing plant. Physical Description From UC IPM: Wheat curl mites are microscopic white, worm-like organisms about 0.01 inch (0.25 mm) long. The legs are very small and located near the head. These mites feed […]

Potato Scab

Fungal disease that makes potatoes ugly. They can still be eaten, and it supposedly doesn’t reduce crop yield, but infected potatoes won’t store well. There are a few different forms of scab (Common Scab & Powdery Scab). There’s no treatment, but soil moisture & pH levels are ways to manage it. Physical Description Caused by soil-borne […]


Stolons are stems that grow at the surface of the soil, or just below. They form adventitious roots at their nodes, and new plants from their buds. These new plants are clones of the original. Sometimes stolons are referred to as runners. Potato tubers are actually modified stolons, and form at the end of the […]


stub   Species & Taxonomy Kingdom: Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Genus Species: Lifecycle   Plants Affected   Plants Unaffected   Geographical Range   Signs & Symptoms Whole Plant Leaves Flowers   Fruit Roots/Tubers How to Positively Identify   Treatment   Prevention & Control   Cultural Controls: Habitat: Temperature & Humidity:   Mulching & Cultivation Practices: Natural […]

How to Grow French Tarragon

Sweet anise tasting herb. Leaves are used in salads and soups, or to flavor sauces (bearnaise) and vinaigrette. Pairs well with seafood and poultry dishes. Botanical Information Taxonomy Artemisia dracunculus var. sativa History Physical Description grows up to 2′ tall and is slightly bushy – about a foot wide The 2″ leaves are long & […]

Dilly Garlic Scapes from Onions Etcetera

This is from a yummy new cookbook: Onions Etcetera When scapes are abundant, preserve them like green beans – in a brine flavored with plenty of fresh dill and hot pepper flakes. Nibble on them with cheese & crackers, or chop them for salads or soups. They are also fantastic as garnish for Bloody Marys.