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About ThePlantLady is a library of gardening information compiled from many resources, including written texts, online databases, current research, and first-hand experience from farmers and gardeners. It includes growing requirements specific to each plant, as well as varietal information. My background in microbiology and chemistry allows me to tap into the scientific research being done today and digest it for the use of the home gardener or small farmer.

How to Grow Anise Hyssop

Not really in the hyssop family, nor in the anise family 🙂 Botanical Information Taxonomy Agastache foeniculum Family: Lamiaceae (Mint Family) History Native North American mint-like herb Physical Description Flavor: anise Varieties & Cultivars Categories or Types Colors Available Varieties Growth Requirements Climate & Temperature Requirements Air Temperature Soil Temperature Humidity Day Length or Light […]

Growing Mustard as a Cover Crop

Mustards and other brassicas have a nematode-suppressant quality when they decompose, so I am trying them as a cover crop treatment to suppress (or eradicate) root knot nematode. Variety: Agricultural Mustard Brassica sp. Supplier: Bountiful Gardens From the supplier: suppresses weeds, nematodes, and soil diseases, cycles nutrients, increases tilth. Also high protein forage (and my chickens […]

Sparky French Marigold

Sparky French Marigold from Bountiful Gardens

Details Tagetes patula Open-Pollinated Type: french marigold Color: reds, oranges & yellows Germination: 5-7 days Maturity: 60 days Size: 6-12″ Taste:  flower is edible, but haven’t tasted it; probably a little bitter Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: ? Notes: Sources: Bountiful Gardens

Lemon Gem Signet Marigold

Lemon Gem Marigold from Bountiful Gardens

Details Tagetes tenuifolia or signata Open-Pollinated Type: signet Shape: flowers are tiny; leaves are lacy Color: yellow flowers, green leaves Germination: 4-7 days Maturity: 60 days Size: dwarf – 6-24″ Yield: many flowers, long-blooming Taste: leaves: citrus-scented leaves are flavorful salad greens flowers: floral with hints of citrus and spice, slightly bitter (remove the base […]