Lemon Gem Marigold from Bountiful Gardens

Lemon Gem Signet Marigold


  • Tagetes tenuifolia or signata
  • Open-Pollinated
  • Type: signet
  • Shape: flowers are tiny; leaves are lacy
  • Color: yellow flowers, green leaves
  • Germination: 4-7 days
  • Maturity: 60 days
  • Size: dwarf – 6-24″
  • Yield: many flowers, long-blooming
  • Taste:
    • leaves: citrus-scented leaves are flavorful salad greens
    • flowers: floral with hints of citrus and spice, slightly bitter (remove the base – just use the petals); dress up salads, desserts, or cook in egg or rice
  • Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance:
    • ?
    • scented flowers & foliage are thought to repel insects
    • bee friendly




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