• Open-Pollinated: ?
  • Type: ?
  • Shape: ?
  • Color: ?
  • Maturity: ?
  • Size: ?
  • Yield: ?
  • Taste: ?
  • Disease Resistance: ?


Sources: (where to buy)

Results from My Garden:

  • 2014:
    • used seeds saved from last year’s harvest. It appears to be a hybrid:
      • leaves are definitely typical Tahitian (dark green, big, with white stripes radiating out from center
      • the fruit, though, is not a butternut. it is probably a little butternut and a little kikuza.
    • this was the only winter squash that lived through the season; root knot nematodes killed everybody else, and the Tahitian was not immune to it, but it pumped out the squash anyway!

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