Growing Mustard as a Cover Crop

Mustards and other brassicas have a nematode-suppressant quality when they decompose, so I am trying them as a cover crop treatment to suppress (or eradicate) root knot nematode. Variety: Agricultural Mustard Brassica sp. Supplier: Bountiful Gardens From the supplier: suppresses weeds, nematodes, and soil diseases, cycles nutrients, increases tilth. Also high protein forage (and my chickens […]

Nitro Persian Clover Cover Crop

Last weekend I planted Nitro Persian Clover for a cover crop in two of my vegetable beds. The first bed was where I grew corn and summer squash. The second bed contained potatoes, garlic and shallots. Cover crops are a great way to replace the nutrients lost from your vegetable gardening. They also protect the […]

Cover Cropping: Peaceful Valley Organic Soil Builder Mix

I’m trying out a new cover crop blend this year in my Tomato & Potato Beds. It’s a blend made by Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply that contains: Bell Beans BioMaster Winter Peas Purple Vetch Lana Vetch Common Vetch Cayuse Oats Even though I’m a little late in planting it, I think it will […]

Cover Cropping with Fava Beans

Fava beans are self-pollinating annuals, and their seeds are viable for 2 years. Cold-weather fava beans, such as Banner, can live at temperatures as low as 10°F. Fava beans are classified as ‘heavy givers’, which means they bring large amounts of nitrogen into the soil. Fava beans are exceptionally good for green manuring if you plan to […]