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About ThePlantLady is a library of gardening information compiled from many resources, including written texts, online databases, current research, and first-hand experience from farmers and gardeners. It includes growing requirements specific to each plant, as well as varietal information. My background in microbiology and chemistry allows me to tap into the scientific research being done today and digest it for the use of the home gardener or small farmer.

Gardening Journal Entries

2009-12-03: Yay!! I was rather successful at my first attempt at seed saving! I have turned into quite a greedy little gardener. Every neighbor’s or friend’s house I’ve gone to in the last month I’ve had the thought in my mind of “what can I scavenge from their garden”…but I’ve been giving quite a lot […]

How to Grow Marigolds

Easy-to-grow marigolds attract pollinators and other beneficial insects, and perhaps thwart some pests, while adding bright spots of color to your vegetable garden. Shouldn’t be planted near any legumes. Botanical Information Taxonomy Family: Sunflower Family, Asteraceae Genus: Tagetes Species:  T. erecta (African marigold) T. patula (French marigold) History Native to North and South America, but have become naturalized […]

Rose Finn Apple Potato

Territorial Seed Co: Rose Finn Apple Potato

Details AKA: Rose Fir Solanum tuberosum Heirloom Type: late-season Shape: fingerling Color: skin: rosy-colored flesh: yellow-white Germination: Maturity: 105-135 days Size: ? Harvest Length: Yield: ? Taste: ? Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: ? Notes: steady watering will minimize knobbiness good storage qualities Sources: Territorial Seed Co Results from My Garden:  SEASON SOURCE DATES PLANTS SPACING […]

Purple Viking Potato

Territorial Seed Co: Purple Viking Potato

Details Solanum tuberosum Type: early Shape: round Color: skin: purple with flecks of pink flesh: white Germination: Maturity: 70-90 days Size:  plant size: compact Harvest Length: Yield: ? Taste:  moist & firm waxy “divine flavor” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: high resistance to scab Notes: Sources: Territorial Seed Co Results from My Garden:  SEASON SOURCE […]

La Ratte Potato

Territorial Seed Co: La Ratte

Details Solanum tuberosum Heirloom Type: late-season Shape: fingerling Color: skin: yellow flesh: golden Germination: Maturity: 110-135 days Size: ? Harvest Length: Yield: ? Taste: waxy “excellent for roasting and in salads” “popular with French chefs” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: ? Notes: “good storage qualities” Sources: Territorial Seed Co Seed Savers’ Exchange Peaceful Valley Farm […]

German Butterball Potato

Territorial Seed Co: German Butterball

Details Solanum tuberosum Type: late-season Shape: round/oval Color: skin: yellow flesh: yellow Germination: Maturity: 110-135 days Size: large plant Harvest Length: Yield:  “high tuber set” Taste: not waxy “irresistible flavor” “most versatile for every kind of preparation”  Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance:  “exhibit disease resistance” Notes: “superior storage” TSC describes this variety as a late-season, […]