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Gardening Journal Entries

2009-12-03: Yay!! I was rather successful at my first attempt at seed saving! I have turned into quite a greedy little gardener. Every neighbor’s or friend’s house I’ve gone to in the last month I’ve had the thought in my mind of “what can I scavenge from their garden”…but I’ve been giving quite a lot […]

Prince de Bretagne Shallot

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Type: true shallot (grey shallot) Shape: ? Color: lavender flesh Maturity: ? Size: ? Yield: ? Taste: ? Disease Resistance: ? Notes: recommended variety by Sylvia Thompson in The Kitchen Garden “cultivar from Brittany with lavender flesh and pure sweet shallot flavor” “the most elegant of all” Sources: (where to buy) I have […]


Took a nice walk around the garden this morning. Clover is coming up nicely; blocking out weeds, for the most part. The Peach & Nectarine trees are blooming, as is the Magnolia. The Rose of Sharon is just waiting to explode. Lots of volunteers this year: Maximillian Sunflowers by the dozen, Chamomile is growing like […]

White Blister

Also known as White Rust. Physical Description  Google Images Species & Taxonomy Kingdom: Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Genus Species: Albugo candida Lifecycle   Plants Affected   Plants Unaffected   Geographical Range   Signs & Symptoms Whole Plant Leaves Flowers   Fruit Roots/Tubers How to Positively Identify   Treatment   Prevention & Control   Cultural Controls: Habitat: […]

Bordeaux Mix

Wettable powder combination of copper sulfate and hydrated lime. The powder may be dusted on the plant dry or mixed with water and sprayed on. It’s classified as a fungicide with insecticidal and insect repellant properties. Controls: Anthracnose bacterial leaf spots bacterial wilts black spot fire blight peach leaf curl powdery mildew rust Precautions read […]


November 22, 2012

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