Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is a species of beneficial nematode sold commercially by the name “NemaSeek Hb”. These nematodes seek out plant root pests and larvae of insect pests. These beneficial organisms parasitize the larva or pupa of the pest while it’s in the soil, and sometimes above ground nymph or adult insects.

How to Use

Find usage instructions in “Beneficial Nematodes: How to Use

Pests targeted by H. bacteriophora:

  • ants
  • asparagus beetle
  • bagworm
  • banana weevil
  • banana moth
  • berry root weevil
  • bill bug
  • black vine weevils
  • borers (tree an vine)
  • carrot weevil
  • Chafer (European, masked)
  • citrus root weevils
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • corn root worm
  • cranberry root weevil
  • cucumber beetle
  • European chafer
  • fleas (adults)
  • flea beetles
  • fungus gnats
  • gall midge
  • grape root borer
  • grubs (May/June beetles)
  • iris borer
  • Japanese beetles
  • June beetles
  • masked chafer
  • May beetles
  • root zone weevils
  • scarabs
  • sugarcane stalk borer
  • sweet potato weevil
  • ticks
  • termite queens

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