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Sugar Snap Pea

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Type: snap pea Color: green Maturity: 50-70 days Size: pods: 2-3″ long, 1/2″ across tall vines Yield: yields well in both hot and cold weather long picking period Taste: sweet & crunchy good for freezing and canning Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: does well in both hot & cold weather Notes: Sources: […]

Mammoth Melting Pea

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Type: snap pea pods used like snow pea pods Shape: thick, stringless, flat Color: green pods enclose creamy-white peas Maturity: 62-75 days (early) Size: 4-5″ pods 4-5′ plant Yield: high-yielding Taste: excellent in stir-fries, steamed, freezing, or eating fresh Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: wilt resistant Notes: white blossoms can also be […]

Pentland Brig Kale

Details Open-Pollinated Type: curled edged leaves Shape: ? Color: ? Maturity: 8-9 weeks (50-60 days) Size: 2′ plants Yield: 76-153 lbs per 100 sq ft Taste: “delicate, sweeter and more succulent” “tender and succulent leaves” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: very winter hardy tolerates hot weather more than most kale Notes: produces excellent kale raab […]

Portuguese Kale (Tronchuda Cabbage)

Details Brassica oleracea acephala Open-pollinated heirloom  Type: ? Shape: ? Color: ? Maturity: 50-60 Size: ? Yield: ? Taste: “very juicy, sweet, and tender” “succulent texture is outstanding in soups and pastas” “a necessary ingredient in Portuguese kale and sausage soup” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: tolerates winter cold stands heat better than other kales […]

Thousand-Headed Kale

Details Brassica oleracea acephala Ancient heirloom kale Open-Pollinated Type: multi-plant, plain leaf variety Color: blue-grey-green leaves Maturity: 50-60 days Size: “huge plant” medium-height variety; will reach up to 5′ Yield: huge plant, with many individual growing points; puts out lots of food Taste: ? Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: particularly cold-hardy tolerates poor soil conditions rarely […]

Baby Bok Choy

Details Brassica rapa chinensis Open-Pollinated Type: ? Shape: ? Color: green leaves with white stalk Maturity: 40 days Size: smaller head of bok choy Taste: “mild mustard flavor”, “juicy, crisp texture” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: cold-hardy Notes: Sources: Bountiful Gardens Results from My Garden:  SEASON SOURCE DATES PLANTS SPACING MATURITY YIELD PER PLANT AVG […]

Sherwood Leek

Details Allium ampeloprasum Open-Pollinated: yes Type: summer and fall leek Color: green w/ white shaft Maturity: 80 days Size: 18-30″ tall plant Yield:  high yielding “long elegant shanks up to 12″ long” Taste: “mild, sweet flavor” “tender and delicately sweet” Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance:  can withstand frost, but this is not an overwintering variety […]