Pepper Weevils

Anthonomus eugenii Image search from Google common pest in southern California, but often migrates up to areas with warm winters Adult is a small beetle (1/8″ long) with a dark body that looks brassy Larvae are off-white grubs with a brown head, 1/4″ at maturity Adult females lay their eggs in holes created in pepper […]

Spider Mite

cause yellow stippling on leaves; look closely at leaves for small dark specks and webbing on leaf undersides. (VGPS) under cover, peppers can suffer from bad infestations of Red Spider Mite. (GV) Big-Eyed Bugs (Geocoris spp of the Lygaeid family) love to eat many pests, such as flea beetles, spider mites, insect eggs and small caterpillars. […]

Flea Beetles

Flea beetle

Flea beetles, part of the Chrysomelidae family,are tiny black or brown-bronze beetles that jump like a flea, and leave tiny holes or divots in the leaves. They seem to especially love eggplant leaves. Fruits, like eggplant, also get damaged with scarring from the flea beetles feeding. Productivity is also reduced because they love the new leaves, growing tips […]