Composting – An Introduction

Composting…there are a million ways to do what the earth does naturally in your own backyard.

The problems faced by the backyard composter are the limited materials you have available to compost,  the space available for composting, and the lack of machinery or equipment that ease the labor of quick compost methods. But even with these problems, if just left alone in a pile, the stuff will compost itself – eventually.

I want it quicker than that and higher in nutrients…and I want to make sure to kill any weed seeds and diseases that may be in the materials from my garden. Since we have a large piece of property, a tractor and lots of different yard waste and kitchen waste, I think we will be able to manage these issues.

In the next few articles I will be researching all of the different published methods of composting, along with the science behind it. I anticipate that my background in microbiology and chemistry will help me in my research. 🙂 See Ma, I told you I’d use my degree sometime! 

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