Drying garlic herb salt

Garlic Herb Salt – Recipe

Garlic Herb Salt

Fantastic way of preserving garlic and herbs. Fresh herbs and garlic dry quickly when processed with salt.


  • 60 g Garlic cloves peeled
  • 600 g Kosher Salt or Rock Salt
  • 20-60 g fresh Herbs
  • red chile peppers - to taste
  • edible flower petals see notes


  • process all ingredients (except flower petals) in a food processor, making sure to not allow the consistency to be too wet or pasty.
  • spread the mixture out on a baking pan and set outside, or use a dehydrator/warm oven to dry.
  • while it's drying, stir things up periodically, to keep it from clumping too much.


Adding some dried bachelor button petals or other brightly-colored, edible flower petals makes the salt blend more fun. Calendula, nasturtium, violets, and bachelor buttons are all edible.
If you would like some of the ingredients to be less processed (bigger), then add them toward the end of the processing time. For example, I like the garlic to be bigger than a grain of salt, so I add them toward the end, then keep processing until they're the size I'm looking for.
Peppercorns do not process (at least in my cuisinart), so use already ground pepper, if you would like pepper in your blend.

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