Calendula "Flashback"

Starting Calendula from Seed

Calendula seeds are the most unique-looking seed I have planted yet.

It looks more like a dried up part of the flower that has curled back upon itself, revealing a spine with a double ridge.

I am starting some today and don’t know whether i should try to fit two to a hole, or only one. I will try it both ways and see which way works best. One of the seeds in the single-seed trials was broken in half. We’ll see if it still germinates, since I am unsure as to what part of the seed has the embryo.

[UPDATE] 1 seed per hole: 100% germination with these 2 year-old seeds, from Seeds of Change. Even the broken seed germinated; 2 seeds per hole: even though getting two of these large seeds into the same hole was a challenge, both germinated.

Still wondering where the plant germinate from: from the dots on the ridge? or from the base of the curl?

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