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Aroma Dill

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Type: ? Shape: ? Color: ? Maturity: ? Size: ? Yield: large yields Taste: excellent aroma Disease Resistance: ? Notes: recommended variety by Tanya Denckla for its large yields and excellent aroma Sources: (where to buy) Sandy Mush Herb Nursery Results from My Garden: Have not tried this variety myself…

Grolau Chives

Details Allium schoenoprasum Open-Pollinated: ? Color: ? Maturity: ? Size: ? Taste: good, strong flavor Disease Resistance: ? Notes: Similar to the common strain of chives, but bred for indoor growing. Excellent in greenhouses. Very productive when cut continuously. Sources: (where to buy) Nichols Results from My Garden: Haven’t tried this one yet.

Garlic Chives

Details Allium tuberosum also known as Chinese leeks Open-Pollinated: ? Color: garlic chives are available with white, mauve or yellow flowers Maturity: ? Size: broader leaves and larger flower head than common chives Taste: mild onion-garlic flavor Disease Resistance: ? Notes: Great companion plant – bees and other pollinators love garlic chives (all alliums, actually); I think it’s […]

Chive, Common Strain

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Type: ? Shape: ? Color: light purple-pink flowers Maturity: ? Size: ? Taste: mild onion flavor; great in salads, soups, potatoes, eggs, cheese, and fish dishes Disease Resistance: ? Notes: Sources: (where to buy) Common chives are widely available. Results from My Garden: I’ve always had a hard time getting my seeds […]

Violetto di Chiogga Artichoke

Details Heirloom Color: purple Maturity: 85 days Size: ? Taste: exceptional flavor Disease Resistance: ? Notes: GV & TKG recommended variety fewer prickles than other artichokes extremely decorative plant; good addition to an edible landscaping plan Sources: (where to buy) Cherry Gal Results from My Garden: Haven’t tried growing these yet

Green Globe, Improved Artichoke

Details Open-Pollinated: ? Maturity: yields over a long period of time, fall or spring, depending on your location Size: ? Taste: ? Disease Resistance: ? Notes: PVFS: good for home gardens & landscaping; attractive, fountain-like. Useful in dried arrangements. Produces over spring and fall. hardy to zone 5. In warm areas, leave for 6-7 years […]