Garlic Chives


  • Allium tuberosum
  • also known as Chinese leeks
  • Open-Pollinated: ?
  • Color: garlic chives are available with white, mauve or yellow flowers
  • Maturity: ?
  • Size: broader leaves and larger flower head than common chives
  • Taste: mild onion-garlic flavor
  • Disease Resistance: ?


Great companion plant – bees and other pollinators love garlic chives (all alliums, actually); I think it’s also a deer repellent.

Sources: (where to buy)

White flowered garlic chives: Widely available

Mauve or yellow flowered garlic chives can be purchased at Richters

Results from My Garden:

Year after year this big clump of garlic chives is the centerpiece for my perennial vegetable garden. They grow strong and tall, attracting tons of bees. The chickens love to eat their seeds. Seed is easy to collect, too. They reseed themselves as well as cooperate well will division. Sad to say I haven’t used them in cooking – yet!

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