Aluminum (Al)

  • aluminum is considered a trace element in soil fertility and plant nutrition because it is found in relatively low concentrations in plant tissue, and is not one of the 13 essential elements required for plant growth
  • it is a major soil constituent, and if it’s concentration is too high in the soil, it can be toxic to plants (over 200 ppm for some plants)
  • soil pH
    • aluminum availability is high in acid soils (pH < 5.4)
    • however, if organic matter is high and phosphorous levels are high, then aluminum availability is low
  • plant roots readily absorb aluminum right after seed germination, and during early plant growth; but as the plant matures, absorption and concentrations in the plant significantly decline
  • wounded or damaged plant roots start absorbing aluminum again, to the detriment of the plant
  • soils with high soluble aluminum and low exchangeable calcium will result in calcium deficiencies

One thought on “Aluminum (Al)

  1. Cindy

    My blue hydrangeas came back pink this year. I bought and applied aluminum to change back to blue.
    Is there a way to change the color of hibiscus?


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