Brooding Chicks: Week 2

Our second week with chicks.

All 5 of our chicks are doing great. We had to move them to a new brooder, since the plastic tote was not much of a hurdle for our big Araucana, “Fatty Mama”. She is ready to fly.

Awhile back, in our pre-chick days, I had suggested the guest bathroom shower as a good place to brood our chicks. It has glass, see-through doors, it’s easy to clean, and there’s room to grow. Chris thought I was joking, I’m pretty sure…at least he didn’t take my idea seriously – until he saw Fatty Mama eyeing the boundaries of her little plastic tote. The next day he had found the perfect manzanita branch for a roost and had cut a box for the perfect sandbox for them. He had it all set up for them and was ready to move the chicks by the time I had my first cup of coffee.

Here are their new digs:

Everybody is doing great, even our semi-blind Dominique, Dorcas. She has no problem busting into the feed lines for her share, and the other chicks don’t pester her. She doesn’t really like “lights out” time, though.

All of the chicks are developing their own personalities, the twins, however, have pretty much the same personality, so I can’t really tell them apart. They aren’t really twins, but they are both the same breed (Egyptian Fayoumis) and have almost the same exact markings.

Next week we will start working some veggie cuttings and people scraps into their food.

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