Brooding Chicks: Week 3


We all seem to have settled into a bit of a routine, by now. The chicks all seem comfortable in their brooder (yes, that’s the shower in our guest bathroom) and we are all happily cohabitating in the house. The routine begins with one of us coming in to say good morning and refresh their water and check on them. The water takes constant vigilance, since they seem to love to kick pine shavings & poop into it.

Here’s the sandbox we introduced this week, which they just love! They kick around the sand, take sand baths, and eat it. They seem to just be in heaven when they are playing in it. Almost nothing can get them away…We ended up improving upon this little tray, since they kick the sand everywhere. Chris cut a little porthole into the side of it, which they love going in & out of; you can see it in the background of this photo:

You can also see from this picture that we added a new set of branches for roosts.

Dorcas continues to keep up with the rest of the chicks, even though she looks kinda funny, always with her neck cricked so she can see from her good eye. She is the last to notice treats, and still has a hard time getting up on the roost. and boy, does she whine! She is constantly whining. At first we thought she was in some kind of distress, because it’s a plaintive cry, but after awhile we figured out that she is just a very vocal bird…albeit kind of annoying. Love her still!

They also started eating from our hands this week.

Having lots of fun in the shower!

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