Chlorine (Cl)

  • chlorine is one of the 13 essential elements for plant growth, and is considered a micronutrient based on the concentration required for plant growth
  • principle form of uptake: ionic form, chloride (Cl)
  • amount required for healthy plant growth: 100 ppm, dry soil matter
  • chloride ions primarily move through the soil via diffusion
  • soil factors that affect chloride uptake by plants:
    • soil test level
    • decomposition level of organic matter
  • plant factors that affect chlorine uptake by plants:
    • hybrid or variety of plant
    • stage of growth
    • interactions with other elements

Roles of Chlorine in Plant Functions:

  • involved in the osmotic potential, balancing anions, controlling membrane permeability & electropotential
  • involved in the formation of O2 in photosynthesis
  • raises cell osmotic pressure
  • affects stomatal regulation
  • increases hydration of plant tissue
  • may be related to the suppression of leaf spot disease in wheat and fungus root disease in oat

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