Determinate Tomatoes

Determinate Tomatoes, also referred to as Bush Varieties, have no leading shoot, but many side-branches, and act more like a shrub, with lots of spreading or trailing side branches. They form a more compact plant than the indeterminate varieties. This is the most common form of tomato, and is the primary type you will find available at the hardware store. The vines are self-limiting for a shorter plant.

These plants mature and bear fruit all at once, fairly early, so they are great for canning or sauce-making. Roasted tomato soup is my favorite to make with these. Quicker to ripen than vine tomatoes, they are not as good-tasting as vine tomates, but they do well in containers or hanging baskets.

Since they have a shorter maturity time-frame, they are better for growers in short-season climates.

Some growers believe that thinning the blossoms by half, will produce bigger and riper fruit.

Also, there are hybridized varieties available that are good for container growing. 

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