Green Onion or Leek Powder – Recipe

This is a great way to use up the leftover parts of onions and leeks – and the bonus is that this powder is a great seasoning to have on hand. It makes a bright green powder that adds good specks of color to food, too. The author suggests mixing it into compound butters and yogurt sauces, so I’d imagine it would also be great in cream cheese.

Green Onion Powder

Nicolaus Balla & Cortney Burns


  • Green Onion Tops feel free to use the whole onion and roots also
  • Leek Tops same as above


  • Clean well to remove any traces of dirt
  • Trim off any brown bits
  • Halve the onion or leek lengthwise, and then cut cross-wise into 1" pieces
  • Dehydrate at 125 deg F until brittle (~12 hrs)
  • Grind the large dried pieces in a food processor to coarse flakes - if it is starting to clump, then there is too much moisture
  • Return them to the dehydrator, if they are clumping, at 125 deg F for 8-12 hours longer
  • Process further into powder
  • Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark spot


Adapted from Bar Tartine

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