Kitchen Waste Collection (AKA The Fruit Fly Dilemma)

Okay, so the fruit flies were REALLY bugging me. They started up when we started collecting our kitchen waste that was compostable on the kitchen counter. No duh – I should have seen this coming. We were using a metal mixing bowl to collect our vegetable scraps, open to the elements…and bugs. 

The solution was a covered pail that seals tightly, while still letting air in & filtering odors out. 🙂 No more bugs & no smelliness!

 if you buy it along with the bio-bags (plastic bags made from corn that dissolve in the compost pile) then it’s very easy to dump the pail in the compost pile and you don’t have to clean out the pail each time. (UPDATE: these bio-bags take FOREVER to decompose – we quit using them because 3 years later we still finding bits of these bags in the soil).

A very nice solution:


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