Rocambole Garlic


  • Type: ophioscorodon, or hardneck, garlic
  • Color:
    • Leaf: deep green or blue-green; moderately spreading and fan shaped
    • Bulb skin: off-white with varying amounts of streaks in degrees of light to moderate purple; kind of coarse textured
  • Maturity: midseason (ie, after artichoke garlic)
  • Size:
    • Bulb: fairly symmetrical, flat globe shaped, some irregularity; 2 to 2 3/4 inches
    • Cloves: 6-11 per bulb, but can have 3-14; plum, if well-grown, but tall, narrow, wedged shaped when many cloves per bulb; dull-colored brownish with red-purple blush
    • Flower Stalk: 3-5 feet when uncoiled; distinctively coils in 1-3 tight loops
    • Bulbil: almost always present unless stressed or in mild winters; umbel forms at tip of stalk; generally 10-40, usually large
  • Yield:  6-11 cloves per bulb, but can have 3-14
  • Taste: Exceptional flavor; Rocambole are said to be the best tasting of all garlics when well-grown and locally adapted
  • Disease or Environmental Tolerance:
    • Soil & climate: best in cold winter climes; require fertile soil; generally fussy about soil
    • May develop yellow leaf tips easily in poor or unbalanced soils or during cool wet periods


  • tightly coiled flower stalks
  • Most common hardneck grown in US
  • Harder to grow
  • Shorter shelf life (storage life)
  • Dormant: 3-4 months
  • Storage: 3-4 months, but 6-8 possible if well-grown & cured

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Results from My Garden with Rocambole Garlic:

I haven’t tried this one yet…

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