Continental Garlic


Continental Garlic is more of a general grouping of varieties, than a distinct variety, itself. Music is a garlic variety that is part of this group.

  • Type: hardneck garlic
  • Shape:
    • Bulb: highly symmetrical; globe shaped;
  • Color:
    • Bulb skins: porcelain or purple-streaked; fine to slightly coarse textured
    • Cloves often streaked heavily with dull but striking purple; varying degrees of pink blush. Vivid, compared to rocamboles.
  • Maturity: late season (after artichoke garlic and rocamboles, about the same time as silverskins
  • Size:
    • Bulb: 1.5 to 2.5 inches; 4-6 cloves most commonly, 3-10 possible; Harder to peel than rocambole, but easier than softnecks
  • Yield: Slightly less productive than Rocambole
  • Taste:
    • Flavor: mild after harvest, but hotter after curing; higher flavor than softnecks
  • Disease or Environmental Tolerance:
    • Soil & climate: best in cold winters; good soil needed for good size bulbs


  • Relatively rare
  • Share qualities of rocambole, but longer storage time
  • Dormant: 4-5 months
  • Storage: 4-8 months

Sources: (where to buy)

Results from My Garden with Continental Garlic:

I have grown Music garlic, and it is probably our favorite. See details on Music Garlic here.

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