Artichoke Garlic


  • Type: softneck garlic
  • Shape:
    • Bulb: flat to thick-flat or flat globe
    • Cloves: plump, squarish
  • Color:
    • Bulb skin: off-white to dirty white or yellow-white; sometimes light purple blush; coarse to very coarse texture
    • Cloves: milky-white
  • Maturity:┬áMaturity: early to medium early
  • Size:
    • Bulb: 2.25 to 3 inches
  • Yield:
    • Cloves: 12-18, up to 24 per bulb; hard to peel; doubled cloves occasionally occur
  • Taste:┬ávery mild to very hot, depends on strain and climate
  • Disease or Environmental Tolerance:
    • Soil & climate: most widely adaptable


  • Most common in US
  • Flower stalk: generally non-existent
  • Dormant: 4-5 months
  • Storage: 6-9 months

Sources: (where to buy)

Results from My Garden with Artichoke Garlic:

Haven’t tried many softneck varieties, since they are so commonly found at the store.

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