Sodium (Na)

  • is not one of the essential elements required by plants
  • alkaline soils (pH > 7) with high sodium levels are often deficient in calcium
  • 1 meq = 460 lbs
  • sodium should be at 1-2% of CEC; the lower end if your water supply has >5 ppm, or if you’re in arid or semi-arid climateIG
  • too much sodium ruins the soil, just like Mg does (tightens it into airless condition), although more powerfully soIG
  • some crops need quite a bit of NaIG
  • some soils (especially arid areas) are naturally higher in NaIG
  • most municipal water suppliers add NaIG
  • to chemically remove sodium, add gypsum, which allows it to be leached from the soil (it will only leach readily when soil is saturated with the other cations)IG

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