White Castle Onion

White Castle Onion transplants from Peaceful Valley Farm

Details Day Length Requirement: Intermediate– to Short-Day Variety (Peaceful Valley) Type:  Shape: globe Color: bright white Maturity: 160 days; harvest mid- to late-season Size: “Jumbo sized” Taste: medium pungency onion Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance: high tolerance to pink root rot high tolerance to Fusarium basal rot  good bolt resistance Storage: 3-4 months Notes: “eye-catching […]

Italian Red Torpedo Onion

Red Torpedo Onions from Peaceful Valley

Details Day Length Requirement: Peaceful Valley considers them to be Intermediate and Long Day Type:  Shape: torpedo-shaped Color: red to purple skin, light red flesh Maturity: 95-200 days Size: 6-8″ long, 3″ wide Taste: mild, sweet flavor Disease Resistance or Environmental Tolerance:  red cultivars are thought to be especially prone to bolting (RIEOG-356) Storage: short […]

Delia Species Maggot

The genus Delia┬áis a group of flies that are pests to many agricultural crops, primarily in their larval, or maggot, stage. Many individual pest pages redirect here. Physical Description Egg eggs are small and white (~1mm) some of the species’ eggs are slightly curved with a bluntly rounded end Larva Cabbage Maggot images from Google […]

Soft Rot

Quick Intro Physical Description Bacterial disease of the fruit or tubers of a vegetable, characterized by watery and soft decay of the tissue. Species & Taxonomy Kingdom: Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Genus Species: caused by several types of bacteria, but most commonly: Erwinia Pectobacterium Pseudomonas Lifecycle These pathogenic bacteria can grow at a wide range […]

Walla Walla Sweet Onions

Walla Wall Sweet Onion Transplants from Peaceful Valley Farm

Details Day Length Requirement: originally were a short day onion, but they have been adjusted to grow well in long day areas Peaceful Valley considers them to be an Intermediate and Long Day variety Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia considers them to be a Long Day variety Type: Shape: round Color: light brown skin, light yellow flesh […]