Early Girl Tomato

General traits for Early Girl Tomatoes: 

Hybrid or Heirloom? Hybrid
Type Indeterminate (vine), although I’ve seen seeds & plants from other vendors that were determinate (bush) varieties. I obtained my seed for the indeterminate variety from Gurney’s.
Maturity 52; very early variety; good for short and cool growing seasons; very fast set & ripening
Fruit Color Red
Fruit Shape Round
Fruit Size 4-6 oz
Taste “absolutely delectible”
Productivity very productive, heavy-bearing and vigorous plants
Disease Resistance
  • V
  • F1
  • F2

Results from My Garden

Seed Vendor Gurneys Seed Co.
Will I Grow Again? Yes, because although they are boring tomatoes, it reliably produces a ton of tomatoes. If everything else was wiped out, I would still have a good amount from these Early Girsl.
First Fruit Harvested 68 days from transplant. It was not the earliest variety in my garden: Yellow Perfection was the first, and Burgermaster was tied with Early Girl next.
Fruit Color Red, on the orange side.
Fruit Shape Round, but slightly pointed at the blossom end; slightly oxheart.
Average Fruit Size 3 oz. (a little smaller than I expected, compared to 4-6 oz from seed packet)
Taste okay taste, but not fantastic
Total Harvested very high productivity: my 3 plants provided 63 pounds of tomatoes, which turned out to be over 100 tomatoes per plant
Disease Resistance They were definitely resistant to wilt (fusarium wilt), as I had several plants right next to my Early Girls die from Fusarium Wilt. The ones that were affected by wilt: Green Zebra, Tigerella, Yellow Perfection
Problems Experienced sunburn, or sunscald, was a problem with them


Where to Buy:

  Burpee.com - Tomato HP Logo Logo Creative Homepage Banner Park Seed
Seeds “Tomato, Early Girl Hybrid 1 Pkt. (30 seeds)”(Note: these are for a bush hybrid, not indeterminate) n/a Tomato Early Girl Hybrid Seeds
Plants “Tomato, Bush Early Girl Hyb Organic 3 Plants”(Note: these are bush hybrids, not indeterminate) early girlTomato, Bush Early Girl Hyb Organic, 3 Plants icon  

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