Gladiolus Corm Rot

Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. gladioli


  • concentric brown markings develop on the corm, usually at its base and while in storage
  • crocuses and bulbous irises may also be affected
  • the corm dries out, becoming mummified but not developing fungal growth
  • if plants grow from infected corms, the foliage shows yellow flecing and later striping toward the tips of the outer leaves
  • the discoloration spreads downward, and the leaves turn brown and die
  • roots of affected corms blacken and may die back


  • the fungus usually enters the plant through the basal plate or roots of the corm


  • dispose of plants showing foliage symptoms
  • check all corms throuroughly before storing in a cool, dry place and again at the end of storage before replanting
  • dry plants off after lifting and dip corms in a fungicide solution or treat them with sulfur dust
  • plant on a fresh site each year

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