Toma Verde Tomatillo


  • Open-Pollinated: yes
  • Type: standard
  • Shape: standard
  • Color: light yellow when ripe
  • Maturity: 60 days
  • Size: 2 oz fruit
  • Yield: see my results
  • Taste: “zesty zing for Mexican sauces & salsa!”
  • Disease Resistance:
  • Environmental Tolerance: “thrives in heat of southern summers, but widely adapted”


Sources: (where to buy)

  • Park Seeds

Results from My Garden:


  • spacing: 18″
  • 1 oz tomatillos, on average
  • Very high yield: 4 lbs per plant, after hacking it back by about half, halfway through summer
  • No disease seen
  • Pests: tomato hornworms, leafhoppers

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