Better Boy Tomato

General traits for Better Boy Slicing Tomato: 

Hybrid or Heirloom? Hybrid
Type Indeterminate
Maturity 70 days from planting out
Fruit Color Red
Fruit Shape Round, slightly squat
Fruit Size large fruits – 10 oz, or more
Taste fine tasting tomatoes (NCG)
Productivity huge crops (NCG)
Disease Resistance
  • Verticillium Wilt
  • Fusarium Wilt Race 1
  • Nematodes
  • Heat tolerant tomato (TKG)
  • very common; available at most nurseries
  • Recommended Main Crop Variety

Results from My Garden:

Will I Grow Again? Maybe..although 2010 wasn’t a great year for them; in 2009 they were one of our favorites…and 2011 was not a good year because of disease, but we planted a bit too early.
First Fruit Harvested 76 days after transplant2011 was a very late year at 113 days before my first tomato
Fruit Color bright red
Fruit Shape nice, round tomato shape
Average Fruit Size 2009: average tomato size was smaller than expected, although I had my plants closer together than recommended2010: tomatoes averaged 5 oz; still not near the 10 oz description. They were spaced at 18″ apart in rows at 24″2011: tomatoes were smaller at almost 3 oz each…same spacing as last year
Taste good flavor; CK’s favorite in 2009
Total Harvested 2009: didn’t keep records, but I noted that they had high productivity.2010: 5 lbs (just under 20 tomatoes) per plant2011: 6 lbs per plant, about 35 tomatoes
Disease Resistance It’s supposed to be resistant to Verticillium & Fusarium, but I did see some wilting, but it could have been Bacterial Wilt
Problems Experienced 2011: almost all of the tomatoes have dark specks on them (bacterial speck?). Possibly also has some early blight…and the flea beetles really liked these plants.
Notes This tomato just doesn’t excite me…


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