Costoluto Genovese Tomato

General traits for Costoluto Genovese: 

Hybrid or Heirloom? Rare Italian heirloom
Type Compact Indeterminate vine
Maturity 85 days
Fruit Color Dark, vibrant red
Fruit Shape Squat, slightly flattened deep ribbing
Fruit Size  
Taste According to several sources, this is a favorite for taste. Another source says it has a hearty tomato taste; a bit on the sweet side. On the other hand, several forum participants have stated this was their least favorite-tasting tomato…
Productivity high yielding
Disease Resistance none
  • beautiful tomato plant
  • rare
  • these are tomatoes that you can’t buy at the grocery store
  • aka: Costaluto, Costuloto
  • makes great tomato juice because of the sweetness

Results from My Garden

Seed Vendor Territorial Seed Co.
Will I Grow Again? YES!!
First Fruit Harvested 74 days – almost two weeks before expected
Fruit Color deep red
Fruit Shape slightly flattend with a few lobes or pleats
Average Fruit Size 4 oz
Taste Yum! loved it fresh, also good when used sparingly in sauces because it’s sweet. Wonderful with balsamic vinegar & pepper & avocado.
Total Harvested 3 lbs per plant; 13 tomatoes each
Disease Resistance Fusarium was present in my garden, and over the coarse of the summer all three of my Costolutos died, one by one.
Problems Experienced Besides the fusarium wilt, i think the flea beetles liked this tomato.


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