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Whole Roasted Squash – Recipe

Tahitian x. Kikuza cross from 2014 harvest

I was looking for a way to cook some of these huge winter squash that I’ve been growing – without having to use a hatchet to cut them open – and found these recipes.’s method of roasting a whole winter squash for 20 minutes, then cutting into it to scrape the seeds worked fabulously! […]

Roasted Tomatoes – Recipe

Roasting tomatoes

Roasted Tomatoes = YUM!! These are great to have frozen, available at a whim: defrosted and broiled with cheese on baguettes or served on top of chicken breasts with mozzarella…or sliced and added to pasta. Many options here. Or soup! Roasted Tomato Soup is yummier than regular old tomato soup. Great way of preserving your tomato […]